To highlight the first ever holding of the Men’s European U20 Championships in Prague, Czech Republic, we’re hosting the European Lacrosse Festival to help maximize excitement around this event and celebrate the development of lacrosse’s future generation.

We will have three unique offerings for players interested in coming to one of Europe’s most beautiful cities to play some quality lacrosse.

June 27-29 Prague Cup

Dating back to 1998, Prague Cup is one of the longest running tournaments in Europe – and for good reason. Quality teams traveling from all over the world meet yearly to compete. Prague Cup will host men and women, and the final day of Prague Cup will also be the first day of the Euro U20 tournament.
For who: Men and Women (All Ages 16+)
Cost: 850 EUR per team

July 3-6 European Lacrosse Festival (ELF)

The one true way to support the growth of lacrosse internationally is to be there in person! In addition to cheering on your favorite nation, we also want you to come and play! A four day schedule will allow for plenty of free time to relax, watch games, and tour this beautiful city. The festival champion will be crowned on Saturday, the very same day the Euro U20 Championship will be decided, adding to the awesome environment in the spirit of competition and friendship.
For who: Men (All Ages 16+)
Cost: 850 EUR per team

July 6-7 National Team Challenge

The 2019 U20 Championships will be a great display of Europe’s up-and-coming talent, and our third offering will showcase the senior men’s national teams as they look to develop as well. This National Team Challenge will kick off almost exactly one year ahead of Wroclaw’s 2020 Men’s European Championships, and many teams have already begun working towards the goal of qualifying for the 2022 World Championships in 2020. National Teams will only play against other National Teams, with quality officiating and real scenarios that will be similar to international competition.
For who: Men’s National Teams, (All Ages 16+)
Cost: 550 EUR per team

These three offerings are our invitation to you.
Come to Prague, play lacrosse, experience the growth and development of our game internationally.
Don’t just watch, come and be part of this amazing event!